5 Steps to Safety: Minibus Emergency Evacuation

Our courses are specifically designed to make the training as informative and enjoyable as possible. All training is independent and covered by fully qualified firefighters/instructors and conform to the 2005 Fire Safety Act.

MiDAS - 5 Steps to Safety Emergency Evacuation Course. This is an essential course aimed at providing minibus drivers the skills necessary to deal with a dangerous & potentially life threatening situation. This is a H&S recommended course for both minibus drivers and passenger assistants.


To prepare drivers to cope with the difficulties and emergencies they may encounter & know how to deal with them when faced with the need to evacuate the vehicle.


  • Know common causes and how to reduce the risk of vehicle fires
  • Know how to check and use a fire extinguisher correctly
  • Know how to safely evacuate a vehicle
  • To understand the factors and hazards involved in fires
  • To know principles of fire prevention and checks 

Classroom: Initial classroom theory will familiarise clients with the risks & dangers of a vehicle fire & provides an easy to follow protocol to ensure the safe vehicle evacuation. 

Practical Session: Clients will have the opportunity to put into practice what has been discussed in the theory session.

Smoke generators are used in a minibus to allow drivers to experience the process of minibus evacuation using the company or provided minibus.

This is a 3hr half day course. Contact us via our form page, email [email protected]

or phone 01635 524681