Fire Awareness Training

Our courses are specifically designed to make the training as informative and enjoyable as possible. All training is independent and covered by fully qualified firefighters/instructors and conform to the 2005 Fire Safety Act.

This course covers the training for all employees as per 2005 act and your responsibility as an employer about Fire in the workplace and what they should know. This accredited course is designed to get across the real dangers of fire through presentations, group discussions, videos and some practical demonstration on fire. This makes it informative and enjoyable.

Course covers:-

The law, Statistics

Understand fire

Most common causes of fire

How to prevent fire

Fire extinguisher types

What to do if discover a fire

what to do if alarm sound

Emergency signs

There is a small test for conformation of learning so that all successful candidates receive a certificate valid for 3 years.

Enquire now about a course near you or or a group session at your workplace. We also offer an online course which can be done at own convenience to minimise work disruption.